About Us


The Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration - RDT&E, or ACUASI, was established in December 2012 by the University of Alaska Board of Regents in recognition of the importance and growth of the unmanned aircraft program. It was established under the University of Alaska Fairbanks in the Geophysical Institute where it originated but was given the role of leading all unmanned aircraft programs for the entire system. It was also tasked to pursue opportunities with the FAA such as the FAA test sites. The program originated in 2001, and over the years has expanded in scope, the equipment it operated, and the variety and complexity of research projects it executed. In 2013 ACUASI submitted its proposal to the FAA to become one of the six test sites established by the 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform Act, and in December 2013 the FAA announced that the University had been selected. The Pan-Pacific UAS Test Range Complex reports to ACUASI, but also includes principal partners in Oregon and Hawaii as well as 56 non-state partners located all over the US and internationally. Ranges are located in the three states as well as in Iceland, our key international partner.


Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain a world class research center for unmanned aircraft systems, providing integration of unique payloads and supporting pathfinder missions within government and science communities, with a special emphasis on the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions.

Our Vision

Develop, test, and ultimately exploit emerging unmanned aircraft technology and its uses to create a positive economic and social benefit within the State of Alaska.

  • Plan today to prepare for the future.
  • Develop what is needed to support that future.
  • Participate in policy development for benefit and protection of Alaska and the nation.
  • Develop safety standards for professional, commercial, and private users.

Our Team

Title Name Email Phone
Director, ACUASI Dr. Cathy Cahill cfcahill@alaska.edu 907-474-6905
Director, PPUTRC John Nevadomsky jsnevadomsky@alaska.edu 907-455-2017
Business Director Marty Rogers mwrogers3@alaska.edu 907-322-9913
Associate Director of Education Dr. Michael Hatfield mchatfield@alaska.edu 907-455-2032
Associate Director of Research Dr. Peter Webley pwwebley@alaska.edu 907-474-1542
Airspace Integration & Operations Tom Elmer trelmer1_ua@alaska.edu  907-455-2013
General Manager Greg Foscue gfoscue1_ua@alaska.edu 907-978-7012
Remote Sensing Specialist Eyal Saiet ejsaiet@alaska.edu 907-750-6555
UAS Engineer Joseph Rife   907-455-2027
Office Manager Raina Douglass radouglass@alaska.edu 907-455-2016
UAS Pilot Matthew Westhoff   907-455-2016
UAS Pilot Karen Bollinger   907-455-2016
UAS Pilot Bradley Brown   907-455-2016
UAS Pilot Robert Parcell   907-455-2016
UAS Pilot Andrew Wentworth   907-455-2016
UAS Chief Pilot Nick Adkins   907-455-2016