About Us

ACUASI operates a variety of UAS ranging from small racing drones used in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) outreach to the large 300 lb or greater class of research platform aircraft. ACUASI also possesses the vehicles, ground control stations, antennae, generators, and other accessories needed to transport and deploy the aircraft around the world. ACUASI also possesses a variety of payloads for UAS operations including: detect and avoid systems (ground-based and airborne), anti-GPS jamming systems, EO/IR cameras, lidars, methane detectors, aerosol samplers, and a host of other payloads.

ACUASI possesses all of the tools, supplies, and computers needed to maintain its unmanned aircraft fleet and payloads, from 3-D printing parts and payload mounts to applying carbon fiber patches. It maintains a well-equipped engineering laboratory to assist with payload development and aircraft modification. ACUASI also utilizes secure computer storage from other University of Alaska Fairbanks departments for the data generated during project flights.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain a world class research center for unmanned aircraft systems, providing integration of unique payloads and supporting pathfinder missions within government and science communities, with a special emphasis on the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions.

Our Vision

Develop, test, and ultimately exploit emerging unmanned aircraft technology and its uses to create a positive economic and social benefit within the State of Alaska.

  • Plan today to prepare for the future.
  • Develop what is needed to support that future.
  • Participate in policy development for benefit and protection of Alaska and the nation.
  • Develop safety standards for professional, commercial, and private users.

Our Team

Title Name
Director, ACUASI Dr. Cathy Cahill
Director of Operations Nick Adkins
Business Director James Parrish
SeaHunter Project Manager Andrew Wentworth
Associate Director of Education Dr. Michael Hatfield
Associate Director of Research Dr. Peter Webley
Airspace Integration & Operations Tom Elmer
Remote Sensing Specialist Eyal Saiet
UAS Engineer William Remmert
UAS Engineer, NES Jimmy Vang
UAS Engineer, NES Levi Purdy
Chief UAS Pilot Lee Winningham
UAS Pilot Matthew Westhoff
UAS Pilot Jason Williams
UAS Pilot Evelyn Parcell
Office Manager Raina Collins