Federal Aviation Administration 

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has acted as an important ACUASI partner since the very beginning--especially the Alaska Regional branch of the FAA. 

In particular we would like to recognize the FAA's trust and support of our program by selecting the University of Alaska Fairbanks and ACUASI to act as the lead FAA Unmanned Aircraft test site in the nation. For more on this see our page on the Pan-Pacific UAS Test Range Complex

Here are some useful links related to the FAA and the UAS industry:


Medallion Foundation

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The mission of the Medallion Foundation is straightforward: reduce aviation accidents. They accomplish this by fostering a proactive safety culture and promoting higher safety standards through one-on-one mentoring, research, education, training, auditing, and advocacy.

Due to the great risk associated with aviation in Alaska and the obvious safety benefit of unmanned aircraft systems, a partnership between ACUASI and the Medallion Foundation is only natural.