The Ptarmigan hexacopter has a 1.5 kg maximum payload and a nominal flight time of approximately 20 minutes. The Ptarmigan is based on the DJI S800 airframe and a 3-D Robotics open-source autopilot (currently APM 2.6). The backbone of this system is a custom integration board that communicates commands between the autopilot and the aircraft motor, landing gear, as well as payloads that may need to communicate directly with the autopilot. The design and integration of this system was entirely performed by ACUASI engineers and UAF engineering students. It is a general-purpose workhorse designed for flexibility in both payload and avionics; the flexibility of the platform quickly made it one of ACUASI's most-used systems for accomplishing a variety of missions, including arctic research, infrastructure monitoring, and disaster preparedness/first responder support.