ACUASI officially took delivery of two SeaHunter systems in September 2015. SeaHunter is the newest member of Griffon’s Outlaw family of UAVs. It was designed as a cost effective, reliable UAV platform for ISR missions, system testing, R&D, and payload development. Outlaws are used extensively by the military and research agencies worldwide for training, testing, data collection, and system development. The SeaHunter provides more volume, payload, endurance, and electrical power than the previous Outlaw models. The SeaHunter is in the 250-300 lb maximum takeoff weight class and offers redundant flight controls and propulsion systems. Its dual engine configuration also provides protection for high-value payloads, in that if one engine should fail, the SeaHunter can still safely return with the payload by relying on the second engine. The SeaHunter provides up to 2,000W of on-board electrical power for midsize, power-hungry payloads. Wing and fuselage hard-points allow ease-of-mounting for external payload pods. The system includes documentation required for operations within restricted airspace or far out to sea, making it ideal for far beyond-line-of-sight operations. With the platform optimized for versatility and toughness, we at ACUASI expect the Griffon SeaHunter to quickly take a leading role in our operations as a tactical-class workhorse.