The Sentry HP has a 12 foot wingspan, weighs 300 lbs, and is powered by a 38hp 2 stroke gas powered engine. The Sentry is an internally operated runway launched day/night multi payload capable UAV. Communication and control of the Sentry HP is accomplished by line-of-sight data link. The Sentry is capable of fully autonomous flight and can be programmed with customizable, waypoint specific activities. The Sentry HP airframe is a modular design of composite construction and is optimized for payload flexibility, ease of maintenance and reparability. The Sentry HP is equipped with retractable tricycle landing gear which allow for an unobstructed field of view for optical payloads, and reduces overall drag enabling extended time on target. The Sentry HP requires minimal crew and equipment support allowing for a small operational footprint. Turnaround times are minimal and maintenance to flight time ratios are low. The Sentry UAS crew consists of (1) Pilot, (1) Flight Engineer and (2) Ground Support personnel.