RFI - Opportunity to Participate in Counter-Drone Detection and/or Mitigation Safety Testing (ASSURE Project A11L.UAS.90 A60)

A team of universities from the FAA’s Center of Excellence for UAS Research, a.k.a. the Alliance for System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence (ASSURE), are looking for providers of detection and/or mitigation technologies to participate in a series of counter-drone (C-UAS) research flight test campaigns to be conducted during the next year. Multiple events are planned to test a variety of both detection and mitigation C-UAS systems. The purpose of the flight campaigns is to establish and verify the efficacy and safety of technologies, sensors, and systems to operate in the NAS, the system’s ability to efficiently detect, track and differentiate between manned aircraft, authorized UAS, and unauthorized UAS, as well as the system’s ability to safely remove unauthorized UAS from the NAS. The team has funding available to help defray travel costs for mitigation and/or detection technology providers to participate in the flight campaigns. The research team is looking to test a diversity of technologies and will not necessarily partner with all technology providers; the team will use pre-determined metrics to select program participants.

If your team is interested in participating in this research, please contact uaf-acuasi@alaska.edu with the subject line ‘Vendor Interest in A60’ and our team will respond to you with more details about how to apply.

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