Drone Safety Day may have come and gone, but the resources are still available year round!
On April 29, 2023, explore drone safety events in the community and industry during the fifth consecutive Drone Safety Day! Originally launched in 2019, Drone Safety Day is an annual campaign dedicated to increasing awareness on the importance of practicing safe drone operations. This year, we are encouraging current and future drone enthusiasts to  “Fly RIGHT”:
·         Register your drone – Visit the FAA DroneZone
·         Interact with others – Join a Community Based Organization
·         Gain knowledge – Learn the rules at faa.gov/uas
·         Have a safety plan – Use the B4UFLY app
·         Trust and Train – Take the safety test and get flying
We want everyone who operates drones to have fun – and be safe! By flying RIGHT, you are following FAA rules and regulations for operating a drone. For recreational flyers, this means that you have taken The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST) prior to flight.
To learn more about what events may be happening near you, or to register your event, visit the National Center for Autonomous Technologies website.
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